Relaxation massages, muscle massages, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, shia-tsu ...

Massages of relaxation, muscular massages, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, shia-tsu ...

The association

Since 1994, the association "Mains des Bains" offers its massages on the site of the Bains des Pâquis. It brings together fifteen independent certifiied masseurs and masseurs.

Our rates, applied in agreement with the AUBP,  remain reasonable and, we hope, accessible to all, allowing a large number of people to benefit from our services.

Out of respect for the masseurs, we ask you to cancel your massage if you have a fever or you are likely to infect other people. However, you can send someone to your place, so that the appointment is not charged.


Classic / sport massage

(Antoine, Carine, Christine, Cucha, Gabrielle, Mathias, Mark Etienne, Margaretha, Marlene, Mireille, Pascale, Pauline, Pius, Valeria)

This type of massage aims to relieve tension and balance organic functions.



(Antoine, Carine, Cucha, Margaretha, Marlene, Pascale, Valeria)

Massage of the reflex zones, mainly feet, sometimes hands, having a stimulating or calming action on the various organs, systems or joints.

Baby massage

(specify when making appointments)

(Margaretha in her practice)

For young parents to learn how to massage their child. This massage helps to relieve tension, colic, disturbed sleep or pain related to the appearance of teeth.

It promotes the parent-child relationship.

Lymphatic drainage

(Dr. Vodder method)

(Cucha, Gabrielle, Mark, Margaretha, Marlene, Mireille, Pauline, Pius)

Gentle movement, on the whole body or on a specific part, to stimulate the lymphatic circulation. Strengthens the immune system, improves the elimination of toxins, the quality of sleep and provides psychological relaxation. Suitable for pregnant women from the 3rd month of pregnancy.



Japanese massage performed by pressure on the meridians, by mobilizations and stretching. Improves the energy balance and allows to feel a deep relaxation and well-being.

Useful information

Outside of the telephone line hours, you can leave a message to announce a delay or a last-minute cancellation (even if the massage is charged to you, it simplifies our life). In this case, indicate very precisely your name, coordinates, time of the massage and name of the masseur.

To have a certain choice of schedule, we recommend that you make your appointment at least one week in advance.

We give you an appointment for a specific time and with a particular masseur. We would be grateful if you could accept a change of masseur if a last minute replacement does not allow us to give you advance notice..

From Friday at 13h, a sign in front of the Rotonde indicates free time slots the same day, for the weekend and Monday morning. Sign on the ad hoc sheet in the Rotonde and pay a deposit of at least CHF 20.-.

Be present at the scheduled time. You do not need to bring anything other than your own oil if you wish.

Summer: wait in front of the cabins (women's side).

Winter: wait at the Rotonde (sauna-side cabins).

During the summer season, access to the baths will cost you CHF 2.-.


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Every day, winter and summer,
from 1 January to 31 December from 9.30 am to 9 pm

50 minutes: CHF 70.- Payment in cash only.
Gift certificates available at la Rotonde

Reservations on 022 731 41 34
Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 am,
including public holidays.

Massages, not canceled 24 hours in advance, are charged.

For online reservations :


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